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Retire To MexicoLet’s spend a little while talking about life here. Why Not Retire To Mexico, well here are a couple of reasons. If you are thinking about moving here I will also share why you might want to Retire here but that will be another article. Both articles will be general information because like everything there are two sides to every story.

Last week I talked a little about some friends we have here in Mexico that “Retired to Mexico” five months ago and are now packing to return to the United States at the end of July. They has even visited for a few months a year ago to see how they liked it. So why the change of heart.

The first time they visited they stayed in a hotel with monthly rates that is two blocks from the ocean in an area were there are tourists from the United States and Canada. That is a nice area to visit but once retired, unless you have a lot of money and can afford a condo that is probably not where you will live.

On their second visit they rented an apartment on a hill overlooking the bay. Beautiful view and again a nice place to take pictures but walking up those hills becomes a little less fun on each trip. Before long your not enjoying the view as much. If you have any health issues at all, this becomes a nightmare.

Once they decided to retire to Mexico and live here they did get a nice apartment not too far from the beach in a nice area but there were other challenges.

First, whenever they had any health issues larger than a common cold etc. they had to fly up to the states to see a doctor because in most all cases, your American health insurance is not accepted here. Those from Canada have a different type insurance that is also not going to work here. There are Great Doctors, Hospitals and Dentists here in Mexico but if your from another country, they want cash. Some hospitals will accept a credit card but the doctors and dentists want cash. You can buy Mexican Health Insurance but it is as expensive as insurance north of the boarder

Retire To MexicoAnd second and perhaps the one that gets to most expats who retire to Mexico is that the humidity is often as high or higher than the temperature for seven months of the year. Those months also happen to be what is called the rainy season. Almost Every night there are storms that bring thunder and lighting, followed the next day with temperatures in the high 80’s to low 90’s with humidity to match. The result is that is saps your energy and you spend the afternoons in your house with the air conditioner going. If your over 65 or if you have any medical condition, you stay indoors during those hours and there goes those lazy days on the beach that you pictured when you moved here.

Of course if you do not need to live near the ocean there are areas when you the temperatures are much better. In fact, if you like snow Why Not Move To Mexico. There are areas where the snow fall can close highways because it becomes a little too deep and they lack snow removal equipment. Not to worry, in a day or so the sun will be hot enough to do the job.

So the heat has taken it’s toll on my friends, and it is time to return to the states for them. Mexico is like anywhere else in the world it has it’s good points which we will talk about in an article in the next week and it has it’s not so good points.

If you are planing on moving to Mexico after you retire I would strongly suggest that you pick the area you would like to live in way in advance. Visit that area during the different seasons long enough to get a feel of the temperature and the people. And before you actually sell everything to move here, find a way to move here for six months to a year and see if perhaps there are reasons. The time to ask Why Not Retire To Mexico is before you move, not after.

Of course we feel that the good reasons outweigh the bad reasons and we are Retire To Mexicoenjoying our retirement life in Mexico living the dream. I will continue to share that information here as well.

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bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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