Visiting Wisconsin

Visiting Wisconsin

Picture taken on the fox river in Wisconsin

We have been visiting Wisconsin this past 10 days which left little time to write a blog post. It was a quick trip to see our new grand daughter. We arrived on the 5th and she was born on the 7th. Because we all knew that she was being born with health issues we all wanted to be there when she arrived. Although she does have the issues, she is a fighter and is doing better than expected at this time. She entered the world at 4 pounds 18 inches so she is a cute little girl. I can’t share a picture because I failed to ask permission from my daughter and we are now back in Mexico. We hope to be returning in a couple of months when we will be able to visit more. However, we have two grand daughters in Texas and they are both expecting in November so that is high on our list of places to visit this year….who said retirement life would be dull.

Visiting Wisconsin

taking Vinnie for a walk on the trip home


As some of you might know, we have been known to rescue an animal here and there if they have been injured. While visiting Wisconsin on this trip we found out that Vinnie, a Jack Russel that we had given to someone when he was a pup, was about to be taken to the pound to be put to sleep. He is only 2 years old. When he was a little less than a year old, someone threw him into a wall, breaking some of his bones. He has a metal rod in one leg because of that. There was no choice for us but to cancel our return flight, purchase an older car and bring Vinnie back home with us. He has been living in a cage for the past two years. Now he has a large area where he can run and play with our other dogs. On the trip back home, I found out that he really loves KFC, tortillas, hamburgers and hard boiled eggs. Note: the hard boiled eggs were offered at the hotels as part of the “free” breakfast. We were in a hurry to get home so we just grabbed an apple and banana for us and a couple of eggs which we offered Vinnie…he loved them…

If you ever travel with small animals as we do, I would suggest that you check out La Quinta inns and suites. They allow pets and they have a nice rewards program that allows you to get a free night after only a few stays. Sometimes finding a place that accepts pets can be a challenge.

Visiting Wisconsin

Chicago Style Pizza

While visiting Wisconsin this week we also visited some of our favorite eating places. One of which makes a great “Chicago Style” double crust pizza and they have great fried eggplant sticks. They are part of a country club that is near our house so we like to visit them at least once when we are in the area.

Visiting Wisconsin

We always enjoy the Egg Plant Sticks

We also did other things that we enjoy such as visiting Goodwill and looking for items with the tags still on them. Of course I let my wife take care of that, while I visit the used book section. I always find at least one or two books I need.

We will get back to sharing recipes this next week, once we have rested from visiting Wisconsin for a very short vacation, which ended with me driving 2398 miles in 4 days. I just need to get a little rest from all that driving first.

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bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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4 Responses to Visiting Wisconsin

  1. First, mazal tov on the birth f your granddaughter. May she grow up to provide you and her parents much reason for love and approbation.
    Secondly, congratulations on your dog recovery, and acquisition of yet another car.
    Way to grow your family in oh so many ways.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA @ recently posted…Print me an ear????My Profile

    • William Chaney says:

      Thank You Roy. The baby continues to improve. The dog is adjusting to life in Mexico
      and the wife will use the car until we return it to the states in a few months. It
      ha been busy but I am starting to get back into the normal day to day routine.

  2. Oh Chef, Congratulations! Grandies are just the best. And I love it that you have such a soft heart where animals are concerned. I know somebody else like that (cough). Next time you’re in the states: STOP BY!!
    Amy Young Miller recently posted…Heirloom tomatoes in my garden: this year’s favorites, so farMy Profile

    • William Chaney says:

      I am trying to get to visit you but it always seems like I run out of time. If you could just move Nebraska a little
      closer to Hwy 55 or 57 it would be so much easier. We might be headed to California soon but a trip back up north
      probably won’t be until tax season, around the first of March. I promise to do my best to stop by on the next trip that
      takes us near Your state. We just had 3 dogs neutered because the owners were allowing them to breed and then not taking care of the young. Tomorrow it is four cats. The city of Puerto Vallarta provides this service at no charge as well as free rabies shots.We have become good friends with them as we try to do our part.

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