Visiting Our Architect In Mexico

I am excited. Today among other things we have been Visiting Our Architect. We meet with him and the building contractor tomorrow at the building site to stake out the ground where we will build.

Visiting Our Architect

Things in Mexico move at a slower speed than in the United States which is something that must be learned when you more here. The Architect is about the fastest person on your team. He gets paid when the the blueprint is complete. The builder on the other hand, gets paid by the week so speed is not his main concern.

I wonder if they still call them blueprints. They stopped being “blue” years ago. And now all the drawings are done by programs that the architect has on their computer. Easy to change things and then just press print, save file and bingo – all done.

We will be living next to a river so we will dig down about three feet to start the foundation and then bring it up to about two feet above ground so we sit a little high in case the river gets a little crazy during the rainy season and wants to creep above the water line.

Visiting Our Architect wasn’t all the exciting news. Today we brought home our latest rescue dog. We have been visiting her daily and bringing her food. Because we feed her it keep the vet bill down. In fact they only charged us 5000 pesos for the two months. That works out to $4.55 cents a day for vet care. Of course the doctor and the operations cost another 10,000 pesos but that ok, we just eat more beans and less steak for a while.

Visiting Our Architect

she’s home but still under doctors care

She was hit by a pickup truck and the owner of the dog wanted her brother to take the dog and “finish her off”. We have known the dog for all nine years of her life and in fact she is the mother of one of our chihuahua’s. So we took her to the vet and now she can live out her remaining years in our care, away from the road and it’s  dangers.

Visiting Our Architect

Her son is happy we saved mama

And now it is time for me to shake a leg as they say (who are “they”) and go over to the building site to make sure it is clean enough so we can stake out the house foundation. We need to work early because the Mexico Heat will slow everything down in the afternoon.

I will add some pictures as the project continues. Oh, if you are keeping track of costs, as we are, then Visiting Our Architect involved paying him for the blueprints. Price tag for his work, 4000 pesos which is $217 USD… you can’t find one for that price in the states.

But before we leave we would like to invite you to join our family of friends and watch as we build a house here in Mexico, using limited funds. My wife and I moved to Mexico after retirement and share our adventures and challenges on this website. We also share recipes from both of our blogs. The sign up form is at the top right of this article….We look forward to seeing you among our family of friends.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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2 Responses to Visiting Our Architect In Mexico

  1. Hmm. So, you are building a new abode to house your dog…
    Seriously, though, Mazel Tov on the great planned event!
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted…The State of BusinessMy Profile

    • William Chaney says:

      Ya Roy, we spent a lot of time looking for the cow dung to make the abode for the house
      but there just was not enough in the area so we decided to go with concrete block. I know
      it’s a step down but the dogs will just need to adjust.

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