Visiting Bucerias

Visiting BuceriasA couple of weeks ago, after picking up family at the airport in Puerto Vallarta we drove to Bucerias where they live. Visiting Bucerias is usually always great but this time we made the mistake of eating at the wrong restaurant.

I don’t have the name of the restaurant but it is painted bright orange and is on the beach just to the right of the plaza when you get to the bottom of the hill.

I usually do not say anything bad about a restaurant but this time I want to point out that with all the beach front restaurants in Bucerias, you might want to move this one way down on your list of places to visit.

My wife and I both ordered fish, each cooked a different style. While the menu only stated “fillet of fish” we should have asked more questions. Both dishes arrived wrapped in foil and both were swimming in sauce. Each plate contained a different sauce but the fillet tasted like dirt from a bottom feeder. It was bad. We both just pushed it aside and munched on chips and salsa.

The guest sitting to my left ordered a dish that the menu described as seafood with vegetables. She asked the waiter what vegetables came with the fish. He informed here that it was carrots and corn. She requested a plate with just the vegetables and not the fish. When they delivered the meal it looked like they had just dished up a little of everything in the kitchen that was not fish and mixed it together. It was bad. She rejected it and joined us eating chips and salsa.

While I am not naming the restaurant, you will know it when you see it. The Visiting Buceriaspoint is that there are hundreds of restaurants along the beach front of these little towns. Be sure to ask what type fish they are serving. There is no reason to be serving “bottom feeders” except because they are cheaper for the owners of the restaurant and thus more profit for them.

This is the land of fresh seafood and there is no reason not to be served fresh, great tasting fish. If you get served anything other that that, reject it and let the restaurant know that you expect fresh, clean, ocean fish caught by the local fisherman. 

This is one restaurant we will not be visiting again. Shame on them, we eat at fish restaurants one or more times a week all year.

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2 Responses to Visiting Bucerias

  1. Oh, no! I live in Florida, and the thought of getting anything but wild caught, fresh fish is just awful! Your description was colorful, and with the experience of your neighboring diner it’s obvious that your disappointing meal was not a fluke. Thanks for the warning! If I ever go to Mexico, I’ll watch for this place and steer clear!

    • William Chaney says:

      I have visited Flordia and always enjoyed the food. Please do not let this article discourage you from visiting Puerto Vallarta and the area. We enjoy great fish meals so this was a real disappointment. Because it is such a well-known restaurant in the area I want to be sure others do not go there and get the same meal.

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