The Sound of Silence

The Sounds of SilenceHave you ever thought about The Sound of Silence? Silence by the very definition implies the total lack of sound, so what is the sound of silence? Well, for me it is peace, a chance for me to think and enjoy. Some say it is empty, but I find it full, a place I like to travel to often.

What does this have to do with Mexico? A couple of nights ago, my wife and I both woke up at 3 a.m. because of The Sound of Silence. There was no roosters crowing, no dogs barking, not cars or motorcycles running up and

The Sound of Silence

Who – Me?

down the street, No Borracho (drunk) playing music so loud that people can hear it in Texas which is about 1100 miles from here. And yes, we have one of those living across the street from us. There was none of the about, there was silence that was so loud that it woke up both of us. It was wonderful for all of the about 45 minutes it lasted…..that was the first time I had enjoyed the sound of silence in the past two years.

Unless you live in the country, and by that I also mean without chickens, more that one dog and one cat and no other animals, and not near anyone that does have them, you will never has silence in Mexico. This is a country of Sound. Everything and almost everyone is load.

There are hundreds of buses on the streets and roads of Mexico. Most of them are older

The Sound of Silence

Marcel Marceau – mime

and make a lot of noise as they travel back and forth picking up and letting people off at every corner of the town.  There are cars and trucks that make almost as much noise at the buses. There are people that play their music very load all day and all night because they believe if they like that music, then everyone within a two mile radius will like it also. The borracho that lives across the street from us only plays his music on Friday and Saturday nights and all day Sunday. Of course it is a cross between ZZ Top and Twisted Sister only in Spanish. Not exactly my idea of mood music.

Then there is the Catholic Church. They have a festival for a Saint every week. On some weeks it seems more that one Saint has a festival in his/her honor. That is a party that will last for a few days. During that time, they shoot off cannons that are to alert the people that it is party time. Time to spend the few pesos they have on stuff they don’t need while they forget their poverty for a few hours..That is part of their lifestyle. But the cannons, will start at about 5 a.m. to call everyone to mass or a procession that will lead through the streets (shooting off the cannon) and end at the church where they will hear mass. The cannon will continue throughout the day, with extra being shot between about 7 p.m. and midnight to call the people to the festival.

After you have lived here for a year or two you get to where you almost don’t hear it The sound of silenceduring the day by keeping very busy. At night you hear it but will drift off to sleep for a while only to wake up and find it still going at one or two in the morning. And that my friends is why the Sound of Silence is so much appreciated that it will wake you from a ‘sound’ sleep.

I do love silence when I can find it, and yes we do have a lot of cobblestone streets here in Puerto Vallarta.

I first posted this on April 27th. I know that is just a little while ago but some friends were telling how much they can relate to it so I thought I would post it one more time for those of you that might not have been following the blog at that time…..enjoy.

The Chef and his wife



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2 Responses to The Sound of Silence

  1. I had no idea how much that meant. When I was little, I lived near the Southern State Parkway (one of the busiest byways in the area). However, there was a forest that separated us from the road (which was also 20 feet below the level of the forest and our backyard). It was extremely quiet at night, when I was in bed. (I was rarely in the house if that were not the case.) But, should I walk the 80 feet through the forest to the road’s edge- would it be noisy.
    And, when I spent a night at my grandmother’s house, I was amazed. Fire engines. Police cars. Ambulances. Cars honking. Cacophony! Only 21 miles away (of course, on a main street in Brooklyn).
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted…From here to thereMy Profile

    • William Chaney says:

      When I lived on Long Island, I often visited friends in the Jamaica section of Queens. I thought that was
      loud, but it wasn’t near the noise level of Mexico. I don’t miss Queens, but I do miss the “Everything” bagels
      that I got right across the street from my friends apt. Just made, still warm….alas, they are as missing as
      is the silence down here in Mexico.

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