The Rainy Season In Puerto Vallarta

thunder stormsThe Rainy Season In Puerto Vallarta

As July winds down and we get ready for the month of August, it is the rainy season here in the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico. That means lighting shows, thunder and heavy rain almost every night for the next few weeks. It does not rule out rain during the day as well. However, the rain storms during the day are usually not nearly as heavy. It also means the humidity will be somewhere between 75 and 100 percent most days from mid-morning until very late in the day. With temperatures reaching the 90’s on most days, that is not a good combination.

The humidity combined with the temperature makes it very hard to breath for senior citizens, over weight, out of condition people and very small children. For those of us with air conditioning we head for the casa and stay indoors as much as possible.  Having gotten our shopping done in the early hours we are ready. For the local people, who can not afford air-conditioners there are two choices. Find a spot under the shade of a porch or shade tree and visit with others while drinking something cool. The other choice is to go to stores like Costco, Walmart or Sam’s club. There they will “shop” for a couple of hours to enjoy the cool air.

Driving During the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta becomes a hazard. The streets in Puerto Vallarta, once you get away from the tourist area, are in horrible condition. Pot holes are everywhere. Some of them can be up to 6 or 8 inches deep and a foot wide. The roads are also buckled in many areas. The cobblestones can be missing in an area and take years to get repaired. Many streets are not paved at all so they “wash away” in a heavy storm. You soon learn to never drive through what looks like a little water on a road. If you do you take a chance of damaging your car.

You will soon notice that all the cabs have the windows open. The drivers do not use the air conditioner. You will be in the cab for a short ride but they are in it for hours. Almost all of them live in homes without air conditioners. If they were to use them in the cabs, the drivers can become ill. Most have lived in this heat and humidity all their lives so while uncomfortable, the options are very limited.

During the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta, most people do all the cooking for the day in rainy season in Puerto Vallartathe early morning hours. Any reheating or warming of foods later in the day will take place outdoors. A home made palapa, made of dried palm branches or other material protect them from any rain. The other options are eat a lot of salads or purchase a cooked chicken from any one of the many chicken stores scattered through out the area. The chicken comes with a small serving of rice, hot sauce, grilled chili peppers and a few tortillas. This will make a meal for the whole family and cost between about 80 and 100 pesos. In our house we opt for the salads most of the time.

Bananas getting ripe in our back yard.

Bananas getting ripe in our back yard.

So what makes it worth living here through the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta. I guess the easy answer is “No snow to shovel” and, no weather below about 55 degrees. The real answer is nature. Everything becomes green again.Everything is growing. We have a half dozen bunches of bananas growing in the back yard. The mango season is just ending but the avocados and papaya are starting to show up. We have tomato plants inching their way skyward. The summer squash are being picked for a vegetable omelette, minutes before the farm fresh eggs are

The Rainy season in Puerto Vallarta

Carambola Fruit is known as Starfruit up north. This is from our trees

broken to make that omelette. We harvested star fruit this morning to make fresh star fruit water to go with our breakfast. We also picked chili peppers to use in the same omelette.

This is what is known as the “low season” where most of the tourists have returned north and the ocean front restaurants are once again ours. Don’t get me wrong. Being a tourist visiting Puerto Vallarta a few times is what helped us pick this as our retirement home. However during the “High Season” when all the hotels are full, all the prices are higher in those restaurants. It can be crowded and thus if you live here, you have other places to visit. It’s a secret we will share with you when you move here….we know where all the uncrowded, undiscovered beaches are.

The rainy season in Puerto Vallarta

Living the Dream

There are really only two seasons here. There is the high season which is from about November until April. That is when the temperatures are in the mid 70’s and the beaches are a lot warmer that the snow covered lands up north. Then there is the low season better known as the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta. Whichever you choose, come and visit us, you might even like it enough that you retire here. We did, and we have made many friends from the states and Canada that have made the same choice………….

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bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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2 Responses to The Rainy Season In Puerto Vallarta

  1. Mary says:

    I love Puerto Vallarta and my age of 62 I want to leave Southern California and move to PV BUT i am very allergic to mosquitoes and i wont to know if they are a problem?

    • William Chaney says:

      We have our fair share of mosquitoes as I believe the rest of the world does. To handle it here during the mosquito season, we keep fans running in the rooms we are in day and night, they don’t seem to like the moving air. When I fist moved here they bothered me a lot but now not so much.There are other ways of keeping them away from youbut they do seem to be in every country I have traveled to, and that is a lot.

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