The House We Never Built

The House We Never Built

Living the Dream

It has been a while but here is an update about The House We Never Built. As many of you know the plan was to build a house on the farm we own, over on the Playa Grande river just outside of Puerto Vallarta. Well, those plans have changed over the past 4 or 5 months. We have decided to continue to farm that land. I am listing a few of the reasons in this article because the blog is about Our Life In Mexico.

One of the things I have noticed is that there are two types of people that retire to Mexico.

There are those that come here to enjoy their retirement. They are involved in the world around them. They develop a structured lifestyle. They have hobbies and/or they join some of the many “charitable” activities there are available.

Then there is the second group. I call this group “the people that have come to die” and that might not be a good description because it encompasses a lot of people. This group is the group that makes the beach and cocktails their main focus in life. They usually form small groups of other retirees and their days usually start around 10:30-11 a.m. with the first cocktail somewhere along the beach. A Bloody Mary breakfast or maybe just a cold beer to take off the edge from last night. This group usually does not last too long. They end up dying or moving back up north to try to regain their health. They didn’t plan for retirement life in Mexico to go that way but somehow it just happened.

What does that have to do with the house we never built? We are part of the first group. The longer we live here, the more we are enjoying a built it yourself lifestyle. One example is my wife’s hobby. She loves to raise

The House We Never Built

Some of our chickens

chickens. She started by rescuing a little baby chicken that had been abandoned by its mother. She now has over 70 chickens and is adding turkeys very soon. She could not do this where we lived in the states. Too many laws that restricted it. Down here there are no such laws. Of course, you can not live in the “tourist section” and raise chickens but you can live pretty darn near it, raise your chickens and nobody complains when the Rooster starts singing at 3 a.m.

The House We Never built

I have three types of mint growing at the moment

Then there is my herb and small vegetable garden. This is an area that is my present challenge. I have a nice garden going and I am learning what can be planted at what time of the year. Living in a Tropical zone it does have it’s own growing seasons. That said, growing a garden in pots so that you can move them inside during heavy rains or extreme heat (about 90 degrees) is an option. Presently I am doing some of both, pots and in ground.

So back to the house that we never built, we have a house on a great piece of land that we are living in now. The yard is large enough for our dogs to run free and for our chicken coop and a fenced yard for them.  If we were to build on the farm we would end up using up a big area of land just for the house. Both of the above hobbies require land so we decided to purchase a house and land as near to the farm as possible and move later in the year. Will that happen? I am not sure. We are looking at a nice property at the moment but it is hard to say how it will go. My wife and a nephew will meet with the lady selling the property this Saturday. Only when and if a price is agreed on, will I get to go and actually see the property. Might sound strange up north but this is Mexico. A few months ago, my wife’s sister had us lined up with a property that had an asking price for $45,000 USD but the minute the owner saw an American was involved, they changed the selling price to close to $90,000 USD. That is just a way of life in Mexico. I stay in the background whenever money is changing hands other than a big lot store like Costco or Builders Square.

There are many adventures in day to day living if you move to another country when you retire. It might help a lot if I would work on speaking Spanish but I’m a little lazy in that department and so many people speak English here that I am always able to be understood. I’ll keep working at it and I will try to share some of the adventures with you as we enjoy our retirement life.

I’ll post more information after my wife looks at the property this weekend. If they make a deal I will even post a few pictures. That’s about all I have, for now, I will be back soon with more adventures in Mexico.

bon provecho

The Chef and his wife

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