Shopping Farmers Markets In Mexico

Farmers Markets of Mexico

I was visiting to get pink grapefruit and here they are…

Shopping Farmers Markets In Mexico, at least this part of Mexico is more than just the fresh fruits and vegetables. While the farmers set up their stands to sell their produce, others set up around them. On the sidewalks they sell whatever they might have that could bring them a few pesos. There are others that set up to sell just about anything you can buy in brick and mortar stores but at a discounted price.


There will be gooseneck squash on the menu at our house tonight

There will be gooseneck squash on the menu at our house tonight

We like to shop for fresh vegetables and fruit here for two reasons. One, it is local or very near (within 50 miles or so, which is considered near in Mexico) Second it is GMO free. While the big companies such as Monsanto are trying to wedge their foot into Mexico they have met will ill will from the farmers. With their money they will be here all to soon. For now we have such a great selection of foods to choose from that when added to what we grow at home, it is easy to maintain a clean, whole food diet.

For you that have never had a chance to visit Puerto Vallarta, it is a tourist town. That

This is as "orange" as local oranges get.

This is as “orange” as local oranges get.

means there are thousands of people living in the foothills that have moved here to make a living. The farmers markets in Mexico are for them. (and us). The nice thing about Mexico is that the markets are all year long because it is easy to raise a lot of different foods. As an example, as soon as the local mango season is over, the papaya trees start filling up with fruit…..

A lot of the fruit we raise at home in Mexico, which makes it easy to harvest as needed Click To Tweet

Star fruit from our yard at the peek of ripeness

Star fruit from our yard at the peek of ripeness

Our banana trees produce all year long. When the Mango trees are empty, the papaya and star fruits are ready, so we just adjust our menu. We raise our own herbs and things little lettuce, radishes and green onions. With limited space it is wise to shop the farmers markets of Mexico for fresh vegetables weekly. Tomatoes are one item that we are working on raising but to date have had limited success. I think it could be the heat during the day, followed by the heavy tropical storms at night….perhaps we will need a small green house for that project.

A needlepoint display caught my wife's eye.

A needlepoint display caught my wife’s eye.

Shopping Farmers Markets In Mexico is not always about the food. For those that are enjoy hobbies such as needlepoint, the supplies are there so you should never be without a project to work on.

You can buy the amount you need...fits anyone's budget.

You can buy the amount you need…fits anyone’s budget.

I love the colors of these needle point projects. I work with leather and beads so I have enough projects going on to keep me busy but it looks like fun for the rainy days. Actually it does not need to be rainy, once it gets above 90 degrees I head for the casa and the air-conditioning.

If you should vacation in this part of the world, be sure to visit a local farmers market. You never know what you might find.

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bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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2 Responses to Shopping Farmers Markets In Mexico

  1. Farmer’s markets always provide an adventure.
    I miss the informal “stops” farmers had in town. (I think they were chased away by the authorities.) They had great stuff- and it was always something different.
    Around here, most of the markets are only open Saturday morning, which doesn’t work for me at all.
    Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted…Rosh Chodesh ElulMy Profile

    • William Chaney says:

      We are fortunate in that the farmers have three different areas and set up in a different
      one each day. If you are unable to shop of Saturdays, they set up on Sundays a few miles
      away and again on Tuesdays in still a different location. We tend to like Tuesdays because
      the shopper traffic is somewhat reduced. You are right about great stuff and always something
      different. I tend to plan most of my weekly menu around what is available at these markets.

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