Pictures From My Smart Phone

Pictures From My Smart Phone

My wife enjoying lunch at Noah’s

Pictures From My Smart Phone continue to be a challenge to me. I can upload them to my computer and I can send them to my printer but as of right now I have not figured out how to post them in an article such as this..It seems like every day I learn something new about this “Smart Phone” and I won’t let this little problem stand in my way. If by time I post this there is a picture in the article it will be from my phone via the computer.  Bingo, I think I have it, I save the photo in One Drive then I can add it to an article.

The first picture was taken when we were enjoying a sandwich at one of our favorite indoor/outdoor restaurants serving North American and Mediterranean type food at a price we can afford. Only open for breakfast and lunch six days a week, it is a nice place to visit for a casual afternoon lunch. They make great sandwiches and crepes as well as omelette and other delights and perhaps the best carrot cake in Puerto Vallarta. You can find them at: Calle Aldanaca 176 which is just a couple of blocks off of the main street where all the hotels are. The owner Alejandro “Mamo” Romero will make your visit a pleasant experience.

Pictures From My Smart Phone

Carambola Fruit is known as Starfruit up north

Back at home my wife is going to make some Catambola Agua or starfruit water. We have a few of these trees on the property and the fruit makes a great drink. The Starfruit or Catambola is rich in vitamin C as well as a good source of the B-complex of vitamins. Plus they offer us potassium, zinc and other minerals. One of the great things about this fruit is if you plant a 8 to 1o inch tree, it will be 6 to 8 feet tall within two years and producing fruit.

Pictures From My Smart Phone

My wife loves her chickens

Our chicken coop is now 95 percent complete and we have a mix of 10 chickens and roosters at the moment. We are at the point that we need to remove all but one of the roosters because they are all Type-A by nature and will fight with each other for as long as they are together in a cage the size that we built. The oldest and largest rooster is so aggressive that we have him in a special cage with only one chicken. The chicken was selected because they hang out together and he never picks on her. Let any of the other chickens or roosters get near and he goes on the attack.

ferocious (nearest) and his son Thunder relaxing by the reading table

ferocious (nearest) and his son Thunder relaxing by the reading table

I on the other hand can enjoy watching them while sitting near the cage and reading something from my tablet. Of the six dogs that own us, Ferocious was my first Jack Russel and he hangs with me when I am outdoors when he can. The other five dogs also seem to want my attention so it isn’t often he gets to sit by my feet and relax. This is another of the pictures from my smart phone that is a keeper.

Bananas getting ripe in our back yard.

Bananas getting ripe in our back yard.

Now that I know how to insert Pictures From My Smart Phone into articles I will start sharing more information about life here as one of the million expats from the states. I got my “green card” this past week which is a residency card I carry allowing me to live here for more that the 180 days on a visitors visa. It took a while to get it and it will take a whole article to explain so I will add that to my list of things to share with you. I would show you the card but I am not sure that I am allowed to take a picture of it, and I surely do not want to lose it now….

Fried bananas - which is what happens for breakfast once they are ripe

Fried bananas – which is what happens for breakfast once they are ripe

And that is about it for today. Thanks for putting up with me as I worked on learning to post pictures to articles from my smart phone….I will continue to use my camera when working in the kitchen until I get more comfortable with the phone.

We are making our own fermented vegetables. If that is something you would be interested in knowing more about, let us know in the comment section and we will share some recipes when we are making a batch or two.

Please take a moment and leave a comment. If you include a request a long forgotten Mexican recipe we will try to add it to this website. Sign on at the top of the page or like my Facebook page and you will receive the new recipes as we post them and you will help us reach our goal of 500 likes on that page.

bon provecho

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  1. Oh CHEF, think how good all the stretching and growing is (learning how to use the smart phone pictures, for example) for those brain cells! Go, You! Great work on these pictures!! They are wonderful. I love your doggies. They really do look threatening. 😉
    Amy Young Miller recently posted…Heirloom tomatoes in my garden: this year’s favorites, so farMy Profile

    • William Chaney says:

      Why is it that a nine year old can take a smart phone and know everything about it in less than an hour and it takes me a month? I love my dogs and we do watch friends dogs when they travel on vacation so that they dog is not taken to a place where he/she is kept in a cage for the week or 10 days. They need to run every day and we have the room so why not?

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