My Doctors Visit

My Doctors VisitToday I am writing a little about My Doctors Visit or should I say visits. Not something you might want to read about but good therapy for me by writing about them.

Some of you may know that I have a couple of other website blogs. being the main one. Then I also have, and a couple of others.   I had also been working on TheChefsKitchenTable which was to bring all the food information into one location, aimed at senior health and food. That remains unfinished because the tech. person working with me is busy on other projects. The thing is, I think I will reduce my blogging efforts to just this one for any time in the foreseeable future.

Now I have kind of lost the spirit of posting articles and keeping up with all those activities. I will continue to work on menu development and share a few recipes here but maybe not so much.

Next Wednesday is the Biopsy. My main doctor seems to feel that we have caught it in time and there are many ways to fight the problem at this stage. I think that I need to get more living into my day and not spend as much time on the computer. The problem for me is that we need to wait a week after the biopsy before we know what kind of treatment is needed. I hate waiting for such information.

I still like to get up at 4 in the morning and write blog posts so maybe I will share the bright side of the future as I live it.  Living in Puerto Vallarta, with the many beautiful beaches and wonder selection of wild-caught seafood is a great way to enjoy retirement life and I plan to take full advantage of it.

This morning at about 4:30 I wanted a bowl or two of New England Clam Chowder. The problem is, with all the seafood available down here. I am yet to find a restaurant that serves clam chowder. It appears I will need to buy the clams and make it myself. I can do that. Perhaps it will be tomorrows kitchen project. If it is, I will write about it.

Until then,I think I will putter around the casa and fix a couple of things my wife has placed high on the honey-dew list.

My Doctors VisitIt’s time to Stop and smell the Roses……………

Or take a walk along a lonely beach…..

or sit with my wife and watch a sunset over the bay….or maybe all three.

Have a wonderful day.

The Chef and his wife

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2 Responses to My Doctors Visit

  1. Judith says:

    You’ve left your readers hanging (or at least, this one)! What is the biopsy for, if you wish to share? Whatever it is, I wish you the best of luck.

    • William Chaney says:

      Judith, there will be a part two, as soon as the results are in. We are hoping it is a false flag from the blood tests but we won’t know for about two weeks. It is a wakeup call for sure. I know you can think in the abstract so think pink – travel north.

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