Mexico’s Low Season

Mexica's low SeasonI believe that I have mentioned Mexico’s Low Season in the past. In case you missed it, there are two seasons in this part of Mexico (Puerto Vallarta), The High season and the low season. The high season is when the afternoon weather is in the mid to upper 70’s, pushing into the low 80’s from time to time. It is very dry so the rivers fry up and if you have plants they need watering daily. The stores and restaurants are filled with visitors from around the world and the beaches are crowded.

Then there is Mexico’s Low Season. The temperatures hang between the high 80’s and the low 90’s. The Humidity is in the 80’s and the UV index goes from moderate to very high a few times a week. By late afternoon or early evening, the thunder storms move in. Sometimes they only last an hour or two but in that short time, the main roads in the downtown area of Vallarta will look like rivers with 3 or 4 inches of rain rushing towards the ocean. Those are things that will never be fixed and so you learn to live with it. You find a different route home should you get caught in a storm and you watch the weather closely so try and avoid getting caught.

We have been very busy here on our little farmette. We have Mexico's low seasonover 100 chickens so we will be culling out the extra roosters this next week. In the meantime, I must find room in the freezer for a few of them. Everyone mentions “free rage chickens” they seem to forget that the roosters are living in the same area. Farmers have been doing this for as long as there have been farms. If you leave the roosters to multiply they fight among themselves, disrupting life in the hen house and cause other problems. In the beginning some might be reluntent to eat the roosters. They need to remember Thanksgiving when they go shopping for a turkey. There is a lot of Tom Turkeys mixed in the the hens. Guess who the Tom Turkeys are…..would the name Turkey roosters come to mind….yap. that’s about it.

We also have been doing a lot of harvesting of star fruit, making juice with them. Then there is the Fresh coconut

Mexico's low season

Carambola Fruit is known as Starfruit up north. This is from our trees

water because we harvested our coconuts last week. We got about 40, I don’t remember the actual count because the pay for the young man that climes the tree is 10% of the harvest. The great thing about the coconuts is that we harvest about that many every six months and there is no work involved to raise them once the tree is planted.  We are also enjoying the fresh papaya this time of year although we only have half as many trees as we had last year, we are still getting about two ripe papayas per week.

Life in retirement is as busy as life was before retirement but you do a lot of projects that you really enjoy. At the moment I am making myself a walking stick. My wife wants me to use it when I walk because there are so many chances to trip and fall on the roads here. She wants me to have a walking stick so I will. If you can picture Moses just before parting the water to cross the red sea you can get an idea as to the size. My walking stick is about 7 feet tall. I am adding a leather grip this week and will add a couple of nice polished stones at the top. I also think I will carve my name on it. I brought my wood carving tools when we came to Mexico so that will be no problem.

I am also working on my websites with a webmaster to convert them to https: from http: as you might notice at the top of the page. It is a requirement that is going to be inforced by Google starting in a couple of months. If you don’t have the SSL certificate, Google and Chrome will block your site or make it very hard for others to find you. The SSL certificate is a very good thing because it locks your site making it safe to buy and sell on. However, there are those that will charge an arm and a leg to get an SSL certificate for you but you can get them for free if you look around. The trick is to have a “tech” person to do the installing because it does require a few steps that seem a bit complicated.

I have some nice recipes to share with you and will try to get them posted a little more often. It is not that I forget you, my friends, it is just that there is so much going on on our farm at the moment that it is hard to find time to write.

Did I mention that we got a baby pig a couple of months ago, that is another story I will share at another time. For now, I have been called to the hen house to see our 10 new baby chicks.

bon provecho



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