I am becoming my Grandpa


My grand[pa got to take me fishing a couple of times

Help, I am becoming my Grandpa. The past three days I have been gathering information about chicken coops. On Wednesday, a friend that does carpentry will be coming over and my wife and I will decide just how we want our first chicken coop built. I say first chicken coop because I know my wife. When she asked if we could have a small dog, knowing full wall that I have always wanted a Chihuahua, of course I would say yes. Well, it was tiny and it was cute and it loved to be held so I was happy with my chihuahua.

I was still happy when it turned out to be a Jack Russel. We now have 6 dogs. There are 2Jack Russel’s, 3 chihuahua’s and a big black lab. Then there are the cats. It was just going


This is Zorro, he is my best friend

to be a mouser, like in one mouser. So of the four cats we have, there is one that feels he should spend a lot of time with me. It’s interesting because the dogs think the same thing.

About six weeks ago, my wife brings home this tiny black hen, which is actually a rooster. It had been born a few days after the rest of the brood so the mama hen didn’t want it. My wife decided we should raise it until it got strong enough to make it on it’s own. Two weeks later we added a tiny baby chic that had somehow lost one of it’s tiny wings. Two weeks after that it was

I am sure my wife wanted to bring them all home

I am sure my wife wanted to bring them all home

a baby rooster that had ran into a wire fence when being chased by a dog.It had cut itself in the neck area and needed special attention.

Now here’s the thing. the farm where she is getting these birds is already our farm. It is being managed by her brother and his family. Now that we live in Mexico almost all year long, my wife has taken over feeding the chickens, dogs, ducks, and donkey we have over there but is bringing all the “Special cases” home to our house which is about 4 miles away. Thus you can see my concern for a chicken coop. If patterns remain the same, she should have 8 or 10 chickens and roosters by August. 😉 I am starting with one coop that will have a small hen house and a yard that will be 4 feet wide, 12 feet long


I want them free but safe

and 6 feet high. The back side is all concrete brick as it is part of a wall along the property. The coop will be between a mango tree and 6 banana trees so it will have sun and shade. Above the six foot high fence there will be a slanted tin roof. The reason for the roof is the heavy tropical rain storms we have here in Mexico between mid-June and late October. I do not want them exposed to that kind of weather.

I do have a great place to get help with raising my chickens. My friend Amy Young Miller has a website: http://VomitingChicken.com where not only do you learn a lot about chickens but how to grow your own food and great recipes once the food is ready for harvest.

Oh so how am I becoming my grandpa. Well grandpa was an architect but he and grandma ran a thriving chicken business as well. It became their full time business once he retired from the building trade. I was named after him and actually got to help him feed the chickens when we visited him. He even gave me my first packet knife for my seventh birthday. I am told that they had about 300 to 400 chickens at any given time.I lived in a foster home not too many miles from grandpa and when I was ten, I got an after school job cleaning hen houses and helping tend for the chickens….So now that I am retired, and my wife is bringing home baby chickens I can see the writing on the wall. Maybe not as many as grandpa had but I’ll bet that I will be in the chicken/egg business by the end of the year.

I loved my grandpa. He taught me many things in the short time we had together, so if I’m becoming my grandpa or at least a little more like him as I age, maybe that’s not all that bad anyway.

Maria and Billhttp___signatures.mylivesignature.com_54494_135_F8A3BE3D4D68BE872C9DDEFDD465223A

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4 Responses to I am becoming my Grandpa

  1. Sheryl Rose says:

    That song almost brings a tear to my eye. I loved my grandpa a lot. He wasn’t into chickens for he was a carpenter and a fisherman letting me drive his boat as a child. The only times I would eat ‘salad stuff” was at grandpa’s lol
    I sure do miss him but got to see him regularly when I was growing up.
    Thank-you for a beautiful blog that brought back beautiful memories.

    • William Chaney says:

      Thanks for the reply. My father,one of grandpa’s 5 sons, (and two daughters) was also a carpenter and a fisherman. Dad
      didn’t have a boat but when Grandpa and my dad did take me fishing along the banks of the Russian river by Healdsburg, California
      we had a great time together. I was a little guy and my grandfather kept hoping I would catch a steelhead trout that would pull
      me into the river…didn’t happen I am happy to say but it gave me some wonderful memories.

  2. Chef,
    What a touching and lovingly-written post! And of course all the chicken drama is keeping me on the edge of my seat! Two words: GO MARIA! 😉 I’d be happy to be your chicken consultant if you run into any problems, but with a heritage like that (your grandpa! Whatta guy!) it sounds like you’ll be able to handle anything chicken-related that comes your way.
    Amy Young Miller recently posted…Essential Oils: when everything old is new again & a giveaway!My Profile

    • William Chaney says:

      UpDate: We adopted chicken number four two days ago. She is only four days old but has what appears
      to be a broken let. She was frighten but the dogs at the farm and would not move or eat. We brought
      her home and put her in her own little house. I am feeding her ground corn, mixed with my chia seeds
      and hemp hearts. She has started eating well and is hoping around in her little casa.

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