Happy New Year From Mexico

Happy New Year From MexicoIt’s that time again, another year has slipped by and it’s time to wish everyone a Happy New Year From Mexico. It seems like the years are “slipping by” faster and faster, even though we did get that extra day in February.

We were up ALL NIGHT last night because the house across the street had a party going until 5:30 this morning. A party here in Mexico is in the street. They put a car at both ends of the block and party as long as they wish. No permit is needed and these is no such thing as noise control. They rocked the neighborhood. Sleep was not an option for us. Needless to say, we had a hard time keeping awake in church this morning. The problem is that they only sleep a couple of hours and then the party starts all over again. There will be a lot of sick calls at work tomorrow.

Last New Years we held a Whole Foods Weight Loss Challenge over on our other blog http://YourWholeFoodsChef.com  for the month of January.

The object was that by eating whole foods and stop eating all the processed foods, sodas, and fast foods, your body will start to adjust your weight to it’s proper set point. It is a little slower than some of those “diets” because this is a lifestyle adjustment, but you will be much healthier over time.

We do not plan to do that again this year as we have moved on to living a better live by facing your own challenges whatever they might be.

We do wish you a very Happy New Year From Mexico…..we don’t foresee traveling North anytime soon. Based on the weather reports we are getting this is the place to be at this time of year.

bon provecho

The Chef and his wife

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