Fun At The Beach

Fun At The BeachFun At The Beach on a Sunday is rare for us. There are always way to many people. During the “high season” it is crowed with people that are on vacation from other countries. During the “Low season” the beaches are crowed with the people of Mexico that plan their vacations at this time. They come from Guadalajara and as far away as Mexico City. They have worked long and hard during the “tourist season” and now it’s their turn for fun on the beach. The hotels and restaurants have lower prices during the low season, which is smart because they fill up with locals.

We went on Sunday this time because we were taking a nephew and his wife for lunch and this is the only day they had available. Where we took them the restaurant serves a nice coconut shrimp which is a favorite of my wife and myself. One of our guests enjoyed the Fun At The Beachcoconut shrimp while the other opted for fresh filet of red snapper.  We had fun at the beach even if it was crowded.

It’s a good thing because a couple of days later and it is raining. Fun At The BeachIt started last night with lighting and thunder about 9 p.m. and isn’t scheduled to stop for another 24 hours. It is hard rain on and off so a lot of the streets are flooded. It’s a good day to stay home and enjoy time with each other and work on our hobbies..I am making a leather hat band for one of my hats and my wife makes purses using the pop-tops from soda and beer cans. No, I don’t drink all that soda and beer, we have a group of people that collect them for her. It takes up to 1200 of them for one purse.

Fun At The BeachWhile I am here I wanted to let my retired seniors know that I will be starting a series later this week about how to add to your retirement income on-line. It will be two to three articles a week for about three weeks. It is ideas and information about making a little pocket-money but the sky is the limit depending on what you do with the information. I hope to see comments after each article about how you are using the information. I can then share that with other retired seniors that are following along.

For our friends that are into healthy foods, we have a series about Growing Your own Salads available on our other website. You can find them at:    So jump over there and see if it is something you might like to do. We grow our own fresh salads because in Mexico you do not want to cook indoors during the afternoon hours. We have found growing our own salads to be a fun hobby and a nice lunch when we are at home.

Before we leave we would like to invite you to like our Facebook page We add more recipes to that page from both of our blogs.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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