Eating Fish In Mexico

This past Sunday we were Eating Fish In Mexico as a way to relax before a lot of travel that starts on Thanksgiving day and continues thru December 13th. We have this one restaurant right in front of the ocean that we like to visit often. The trip there is interesting as well. You go a few miles down an unpaved, bumpy road and along the way you stop to see………..well in a minute I’ll show you what we stop to see.

Eating Fish In Mexico

Fried Fish Mexico Style

You actually go into the kitchen, pick your fish and they sell it by the kilo and cook it to order.

Eating Fish In Mexico

appetizers include sliced veggies and guacamole

Of course the ocean is the reason to drive 5 miles from the house. The tables are sitting in the sand. The view is of our Puerto Vallarta.

Eating Fish In Mexico

Vallarta is only a couple of miles away but it is hard to see from this spot.

Looking in the other direction is just as nice. We are actually about two miles from the airport so we watch as vacations end and planes full of people start to return to their world.

Eating Fish In Mexico

looking the other way

You can get beer, soda and of course fresh coconuts to enjoy with your meal.

Eating Fish In Mexico

Oh ya, before I forget, as if I could, I want to share a couple of pictures of a spot we stop at on the way to the restaurant.

Wating Fish In Mexico

look closely and you’ll see them

Eating Fish in Mexico

Anyone need a pair of boots?

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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3 Responses to Eating Fish In Mexico

  1. Judith Dutton says:

    No more torture, please! What is the name of the restaurant?? And exactly where is it located?

  2. Sandy KS says:

    What a beautiful view! I would never want to leave after seeing that view.

    • William Chaney says:

      I agree, we live about 5 miles from this beach 11 months of the year and visit it very often

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