Diamonds In The Rough

Diamonds In The RoughAt my age, Every day is a Diamond. Some days are multifaceted, some days are Diamonds in the Rough, that need a little work done on them, but their Diamonds, none the less. Retirement life is like that. It is not all days on the golf course, sailing or fishing in the bay or even sitting back and working on your favorite hobby.

I’ve been retired for 11 years but there is still a budget that needs to be managed, food and other items to be purchased, cloths to be washed, meals to prepare and all our animals to be cared for. We also have our religious commitment that requires some of the time we are all given each week. All of the above can be well planned out and are multifaceted days. However there is always the unexpected emergency lurking in the background that changes plans to where some days are diamonds in the rough.

For some people, when everything seems to turn bad it becomes a stone day. They take every challenge as a personal attack on their happiness. That kind


A diamond in the rough is still a diamond

of thinking really adds to the aging process. We want to rid ourselves of stress as much as possible so that we enjoy the retirement years as fully as we can. Of course that is easier for me to say than to actually do, therefore I start my day with a bible scripture and meditate during my morning tea. For me, I have found it a wonderful way to set my mind for the day. I have a little sign over the mirror where I shave that says “Lord, Help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I can’t handle together” I’ve had that little reminder for over 25 years and try to keep it in mind when one of those days changes from a multifaceted gem to a diamond in the rough.

We had a very heavy thunder storm night before last and within an hour the back yard was flooded. We noticed that water crept into our new chicken

A Diamond in The rough

My wife loves her chickens

coop. Not deep enough to be a major problem because all the little chickens got up on a perch we had put there. None the less, it is a concern because we are at the very start of the stormy season and there will be many more storms like that. Yesterday I started the day by making a roost for them. It is a diamond in the rough and not at all what I plan for them to have but it is a place of safety. It will do until we get back from our visit to the states and I can make a proper roost. I hope it helps the chickens. Did you know that chickens can die from stress. True, an it kills humans as well. We need to control it. We can help control stress if we have a hobby that we can enjoy for a little while each day or do other things we like to do. Prayer helps as well.

Walking as an exercise also helps reduce stress and helps keep us in shape as

A Diamond in the rough

Walking with family and friends makes it more fun

we enjoy the retirement years. If you can, try to develop a walking habit. I like to walk alone or with my wife. My wife also has a couple of nieces that like walking with her. It is easy to notice that she is always more upbeat when she returns and is ready to handle those Diamonds in the Rough.

The point is that to slow the aging process we need to control our stress level, exercise a little each day, eat a healthy diet and turn those stone days into diamonds in the rough.

That’s it for today, I’ll leave you with this thought; “Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” —Joshua J. Marine

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