Building a House in Mexico – Post 1

This article will be the first about Building a house in Mexico, on our farm. I will share some of the fun of building here in Mexico and some of the steps and challenges we face. First a little about the farm. It butts up against a river on one side and the country road on the other with other farms to the right and left of it. My wife bought it about 20 plus years ago, and has split it into 3 sections, giving one section to each of two brothers and keeping the middle section for us. Now that we are retired and living here in Mexico, we are going to build a small house and raise our produce and keep our chickens, dogs and cats where they have room to roam.

Building a house in Mexico

This is the building site

The above picture is of the building site. As you can see we have a lot of cleaning before we can start to do any building. We have about three more weeks of the rainy season here in Mexico, so we can use that time to clean the actual area where the house will sit. Here in Mexico we don’t have four seasons as much as we have “The rainy Season” and the “Non-Rainy Season”

Building a house in Mexico

The road in front of our property

We have been traveling down this country road on and off for about 25 years. It never changes except to be graded after the rainy season to smooth it out. But Start the process of Building a House in Mexico and bingo, they want the road staked out. They actually have the road rights a few feet wider that what you see. So we are waiting for that to get done. We had to “hire” a person to do it, otherwise it would take months…It’s the way things get done around here.

We talked about hiring someone to clean the area but they wanted 1000 pesos. We decided to do it ourselves with the help of one of my nephews and his two boys. 1000 pesos will  buy us 115 building blocks. Even paying the nephew and the boys 500 pesos still leaves us money for construction…..For us, Building a House in Mexico is all about the budget. We will keep track of what we spend and share that with you as we progress.

Now it is time for me to grab my machete and head for the area that needs cleaning. Yes, I have a machete, which must look pretty funny to the locals when they drive by and see a “grigo” out in the field swinging a machete. The though of how I must look is funny to me.

So amigos, until Mañana, or next time……….

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bon provecho

Maria and Bill


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2 Responses to Building a House in Mexico – Post 1

  1. Building a house in Mexico has to be adventurous and that I can appreciate. My goal is to build a house in South Africa alone with a clinic for women and children’s health. Thank you for showing me that it is possible.

    • William Chaney says:

      This is just the beginning but once we break ground, the process goes fairly fast. The object of course
      is to have it due during the dry season. I will try to post once a week so that everyone can follow along.

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