Building A House In Mexico Continues

Building a House in Mexico Continues with a couple of very important steps that you must take before you can actually start building. Once you have decided to build and have the property, all these steps seem to take forever, but you will be happy you did them later on as the project continues.

Building a house in Mexico continues

Our “Green Acres”

Mexico might not be up to date with other countries on a lot of things but they are good in many of them. One example is how the edge of a road or highway is not where the government property actually ends.

In Wisconsin, there are 12 feet on both sides of the road where our house is. Of course, I and my neighbors all have planted lawns on about 10 of those feet making our property look much larger than it is. The county likes it because we are maintaining their property at no cost to them.

The same laws apply in Mexico. Which means that before you build, you have the land surveyed and find out just where your property line is. We have been waiting for the survey guy to show up and do his thing. But this week he met us there and marked off all the property lines. The great news is our fence is between six inches and a foot inside our property line. No adjustments needed.

Building a house in Mexico continues

the architect brings “new” plans

Next our architect showed up with a “New and improved” set of plans. That is one thing you learn fast. The architect wants to keep charging so he keeps changing and he drives both your builder and yourself nuts. So you must make up your mind. Let him hang around and cost extra money or let him go and turn it over to the builder. We are letting our architect go. Our building budget does not have a place for him.

Next. we have hired a young man to clean our property. He is married with two children and unemployed at the moment. We could hire a big machine to come in and clean the property in two days, but time is not the consideration here. We will be in Wisconsin for the first two weeks of November so he can clean it while we are gone. Oh, he is family and living with my brother-in-law at the moment, so it’s money well spent.


The other reason for cleaning it this way is because the corn and the cactus needs to be harvested first. This will not take but a couple of days because it is harvest time. I have no desire to harvest the cactus so it is nice that there is family that will handle that step for us.

Building a house in Mexico continues

Building a house in Mexico part 2 is basic background work but it must be done before we can start to dig the foundation of the house so we thought we would share it with you.

But before we leave we would like to invite you to join our family of friends and watch as we build a house here in Mexico, using limited funds. My wife and I moved to Mexico after retirement and share our adventures and challenges on this website. We also share recipes from both of our blogs. The sign up form is at the top right of this article….We look forward to seeing you among our family of friends.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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