Anti Aging Food Sources

Anti Aging Food Sources

It’s time to get started

Anti Aging Food Sources are something that we become aware of after we start to reach those golden years. By the way, let me tell you from experience there is not all that much actual Gold in the golden years but that’s off subject isn’t it. Sorry.

As we age, our bodies go through various processes inwardly. We have cells that are supposed to go through a certain stage and then die off. Sometimes though, these cells don’t die. They can become damaged and are then breeding grounds for diseases – including cancer – and multiply rapidly.

One way to combat that damage is by ingesting foods that are rich in antioxidants. But   foods that have plenty of antioxidants aren’t just good for fighting back against diseases. They fight aging, too – and can keep you feeling physically young. And the younger you are when you realize this and start eating whole foods and stop junk foods and soda’s the better it is going to be when you do become a senior citizen as some like to call us.

Anti Aging Food Sources

Slowing the ageing process starts with the food

You might not have realized yet how potent food is in the fight to help you keep your youthfulness. But foods like fruits contain powerful doses of vitamin C, which is known to fight against both disease and aging.

Anti Aging Food Sources

This is a great lite lunch idea

You might not be able to prevent growing older, but you can prevent the side effects of aging – like poor skin tone and weakened health. Starting today, you can use anti aging food to keep your body healthy and young inwardly and outwardly.

Have plenty of fruits like cranberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries as part of your every day diet. Some vegetables are good anti aging protectors, too. Have a few servings of carrots, sweet potatoes and romaine lettuce for the benefits these foods offer against aging.

Anti Aging Food Sources

It is not hard to grow these at home


Leafy green vegetables contain a multitude of benefits against aging. They contain calcium and potassium, are rich in beta carotene and lutein, which helps battle aging in the eyes.

For strong bones, look for foods rich in the vitamin K. Some examples of these foods are kale, turnip greens and spinach. Vitamin K helps the body’s heart health as well as bone health.

You’ll see lots of advertisements that go hand in hand with aging, telling people to consume lots of calcium for healthy bones – and while it’s true that you do need calcium for healthy bones, you can’t overlook the benefits of protein in an anti aging diet.

Anti Aging Food Sources

Avoid farm raised fish

For your Anti Aging Food Sources protein You’ll want healthy meats. Avoid to much red meats and when you do eat it make sure it is from open range cattle. Instead of a diet of mostly red meat,  opt instead for lean meats like free range poultry. Wild Caught Fish should be a staple in your meals because of the Omega 3 properties it contains.

Eating plenty of filling foods like whole grains to help battle aging – because they have a lot of fiber, which can protect against certain cancers. Whole grain oatmeal helps keep the heart healthy and is good to fight against health problems that can clog the arteries. I personally don’t eat wheat but it is a personal choice. I will write an article later about why I gave up wheat.

Anti Aging Food Sources

I allow myself one square about three times a week

Some foods are known as anti-inflammatory foods and help keep you healthy as they fight against inflammation, which is linked to aging. Besides fruits and vegetables, these foods are olive oils, GMO free soy based foods, green tea and dark chocolate.  Perhaps of all the Anti Aging Food Sources listed here, dark chocolate is my favorite. It’s my go to treat when I want a something sweet after dinner. I do limit it to about a one ounce square piece and I only have it once in a while.

Finding the Anti Aging Food Sources is the easy part, making them a part of our daily life might take a little adjustment for some of us..It took me a while, but then I read the following quote by Leonardo da Vinci and thought Now is the time; “I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.”–


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  1. Chef,
    This is awesome! Because: who doesn’t want to age more gracefully?? Thanks for putting such excellent suggestions on your blog. I’m going out soon to go on a bike-ride with Mack, though I’d rather sink down on the couch for a sit. Besides eating the right foods, activity can help us age more gracefully, too–at least that’s my plan! Thanks Chef. Great post!

    • William Chaney says:

      thanks Amy. Sometime this next week I will be posting an article about my simple exercise program. I enjoy bike riding but have not added that to the program down here because most of the streets, if you can call them that, are cobblestone or dirt. The drivers are crazy ahd the buses and taxi’s own the roads. My exercise program is a no cost or almost no cost program that is easy so I hope you will give me feedback once you see the article.

  2. Dermagen iQ says:

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    useful for proper planning.
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    • William Chaney says:

      Thank you, I see you have an anti-aging product that I will email you about. Perhaps other of my group of friends will be interested in learning more.

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