Another Day – Another Papaya

Here in Mexico it seems like another day – another papaya. We have maybe 10 or 12 papaya trees at the moment and they seem to produce fruit almost all year long. There are a few weeks here and there when there will be no papayas on the trees, but that is not often.


It’s a good thing that they don’t all ripen at the same time.

During those short time periods when there are no papayas, the mango’s and star fruit are in full swing and giving us more that the two of us could ever use. And there are the bananas. The yield never stops when you have a few banana trees in your back yard. We are lucky to have friends that do not have such trees so we have places to take them as they ripen.

The papayas ripen at a slower pace. You might have 10 or 12 papaya on one tree and harvest one every four or five days. Much easier to keep up with and we have a young boy that lives down the road a bit, that loves papaya so we have on outlet when there are more that we can eat.

We use them in smoothies along with peaches or bananas. I don’t drink these as often as the wife because I live a more restricted lower carb lifestyle but I do add papaya to cottage cheese along with some pecans for a dessert when my carb count allows me.

Papaya is a great source of vitamin C plus it does contain some vitamin A and some of the B vitamins as well as fiber, potassium, and magnesium. But a 4 ounce serving does contain about 10 net carbohydrates so if you are following a low carb lifestyle, be aware and plan accordingly.

We are in a lull when it comes to building the farm house because one of the key builders has been ill. We are waiting for him to get back so that we can continue. Once the building starts up again, I will update the progress as it happens.

bon provecho

Maria and Bill

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