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SAM_0764-300x225The blog is about Our Life In Mexico after retirement. It is about our many adventures, the food we enjoy and the recipes that go with them. Restaurant reviews, Places to visit,  Laws of the land. Life among the people of Mexico, ideas to make life a little easier and safer for those that wish to retire to Mexico and just about anything we find of interest about the country we have chosen to retire to.

We live in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It’s along the ocean about 1100 miles from the United States Boarder. That’s a two day drive when you are traveling without pets and 3 days if you are traveling with pets that need to be walked every couple of hours. Most of the roads from here to the border are cotta or paid highways which is the safest way to travel. We will share an article about that in the blog.

A view of the house from the other side of the street

A view of the house from the other side of the street

We don’t live “Along the beach”. We are about 10 minutes inland which makes property about half the cost of living where you can see the ocean from your front room window.

We have been together for 25 years most of which was spent in Wisconsin raising a family of five. They have all grown and are raising families of their own. We have two wedding anniversary’s each year. We were married in the states on July 12 and we got married in Mexico on Feb 8th. Not the same year but it’s the dates I need to remember, Two anniversary’s, two gifts. I am a retired executive chef and my wife is a retired care giver although I am not sure she will ever actually retire. Now she does it but does not get paid.

We chose Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for our retirement for two reasons. It is about 33 percent less expensive to live here than it is in Wisconsin and my wife was born near here and actually raised in the area before moving to the states.  That 33 percent looms large when you live of a fixed retirement income.  We still visit the states about every six months but we avoid spending winters shoveling snow as we did for so many years.

We have 6 dogs, 4 cats and some chickens here. We also have a donkey that helps plow the fields when it is time to plant crops. We like to raise as much of our own food as possible. We have a website where we go into more detail about eating whole foods and all the rest of what makes up a healthy lifestyle for retirees.

IF you should see us on the streets of Puerto Vallarta come up and say hello, we love to meet new people and enjoy sharing ideas and information with them

We hope you enjoy our blog and visit often

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