A Walk Along The Malecon

A Walk Along The MaleconYesterday my lovely wife took me for A Walk Along The Malecon here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where we live. The Malecon is a few miles long. The area we were walking along has shops on one side and the ocean on the other. A couple of miles downline is where all the food venders are and thus the crowds of visitors. 

Walking between 5 p.m. and 7 p,m, is the best time if you do not want to be overrun by visitors to the area. After about 7 p.m. the crowds start to thicken and it is harder to enjoy the walk. The area also becomes full of street vendors selling all kinds of things that you would never buy if you were not on vacation. Tes Leches cake and caramel flan were my downfall when I was on a vacation. Now that we live here, not so much….I once read that 1/4 of what we eat keeps us alive and 3/4 of what we eat keeps our doctor alive. I want to flip those numbers around.

My wife takes such good care of me that I need to make sure I understand A Walk Along The Maleconthat when she invites me to join her for something, although it might not be high on my list, it is something I should do. She is takeing care to make sure that I get the exercise I need as well as not spending all the time inside of the house. Now if I should just get her to fall in line with the health foods I like….In all honesty she has no problem with that, but she does point out that I’m the chef so the cooking should fall to me.

This picture is from last nights walk. It turned out to be a great exercise and we plan to repeat it three nights a week. However, We do have another great “day trail” that we are going to bring back to the activity list. It also ends up at the beach so we walk barefoot in the sand for half an hour before returning about 3 miles to the car and some fresh coconut water.

I hope I am not putting you to sleep with this but there is a point I am getting at, and that is, it is easier to work exercise into your life than you might think. Walking is perhaps the least costly money wise and the most enjoyable because there is no stress and strain. If you get a little tired, Stop and smell the roses. Rest, enjoy nature. Think about all the positive blessing you have had in your life. Then, get up and walk a little more.

Today we are headed out to visit our local farmers market for some fresh fruits and vegetables. That is always enjoyable. Later today my wife has invited me to join her and her girlfriend and visit a natural hot spring. Natures own hot tub. That’s my plans for the day. Have you planned anything special? Leave a comment and share with us how you will give to yourself.

Enjoy each day. Do a little something special for yourself.

The Chef and his wife

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